Silver Salmon, aka, Happy Poem 2 of 2
Silver salmon leaps fluidly over lanky waves of dried grass
Green, washed and faded to lemon-straw by alternating
Rain-sun, rain-sun, rain-sun-wind, wind, sun, rain
Chlorophyll filtered and drained downhill, soaked into black earth
Color cycled out, bend-straight, straight-bend, malleable metal

Silver salmon, Athena, reflects UV rays off her lithe body, shimmers
Vaults, arcs, belly barely grazes golden upstretched hulls
Seeds, a season ago, thumped from pods and pulled by gravity
Onto coffee colored soil, Imbibed by Mother Earth
Simmer, bubble with sprouting laughter, jokes saved for next Spring

Silver salmon reveals flecks of black, copper, and white
She is camouflaged, Absorbed into a tangle of mysterious
Roots, hollow stems, stern granite rocks, dirt and iron shadows
Silver salmon pounces on scurry vibrations, slither tailed inspiration
For the Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove, conspiracy to annoy dogs

Silver salmon is an ornate kite, she ascends and plummets
Effortlessly traverses the knees and pockets of well-worn denim skies
I watch and enjoy her dance and sway to Troposphere currents
Tethered only by the ball of cotton string, rolled in my palm
Dark eyes look back, Confident that I will not let go

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