Let's run away....
by t. zoEy benally

Let's run away, you and I, to 581-c
follow wobble 20 light years into unknown
inhabit the narrow twilight zone of that planet's tilt
orbit Gliese 581, circumvolve every 13 days
all we need is water, light, soil, an atmosphere & each other

Let's build a kitchen, you and I, on 581-c
pipe in red dwarf star light and heat from the day side
cool our home with permanent night air from the other side
our new sun smaller, but appearing much larger
than the G2 that we were both born under

Let's plant fields, you and I, on 581-c
experimental farms populated by robust greens
piquant yellows, gorgeous reds, ambrosial purples
we can decide, since time is relative, when our days
end and begin, when we will curl together, play and sleep

Let me tangle my fingers through your long
turbulent thoughts when we reside on 581-c
barbers have not settled that planet so I let it grow wild
until it resembles blueberry brambles that
I never lived by on Earth


oneword: sometimes
by t. zoEy benally

sometimes onetime whotime youtime newtime fewtime gluetime bluetime gootime cough