Happy Poem 1 of 1
(Written on 2010 1028)

Today I’m writing you a happy poem
Counter balance to… Well, you know.
Paper airplane armada expertly flung out
Flight plan that reads only - Far, Fast, and For a long time!
Engineered wings creased and dreamt into existence
By bare fingernails kept way too short

Today I want you to be there with me
Let’s forget all that… Well, you know.
Lying, backs pressed into grass
Under the hushed bowl of night
Identifying stars, small droplets of shining blood
Nimble fingers pricked by sharp needles

Today I wish would share a taste
Crave and hunger for… Well, you know.
Flaming sweet peach snapped off un-green twig ends
Leathery shocked oblong leaf swish, Pause
Gold fruit serum trickle across your palm
Dissolved sugar soaked into your sleeve

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