Disposal Fees

Missing parts, dry, cracked plastic, bent metal, torn fabric
Unsafe, uncool, unfashionable, dirty, worn
Green beans, powdered milk, fruit cocktail
Sometimes I wonder if folks just donate stuff
so they don't have to pay for disposal
Objects foisted upon us under the guise
of generosity pile up around the house
creating habitats for mice, mosquitoes, black widows
I have even less resources to dispose of it


velma said...

i KNOW the feeling!!! i've just recently learned to tell my neighbor 'no' when she offers me her crap. what was the last thing she was offering me? those plastic boxes for cereal?? and, she knows perfectly well i already have some. she's like... you could use more!! i'm like... no, i don't buy that much cereal at once. :/

zoey said...

Yep. It would be nice if it was something that I could use. Like right now I need scaffolding. It would be nice if someone could say, "Hey! I don't need this scaffold anymore. You need it?" Or "Hey! Looks like you need a stucco-er. Can I help? I'm sure living in that crappy trailer is really stressful." Dream a little dream, hey?