bitter divorcee

an american indian woman enjoying indian summer
abnormally warm fall weather named after her
she basked in almost hot sunshine and a lick of coolness
--slobbered all over skin mounted receptors
earth on the downward slope

"i'm not with stupid anymore"
was thrust haphazardly on the trunk left corner
wanting to be flip, but still bearing the pain
of the loss of income, status
still screaming the horror of not being the younger
telomeric ends slowly snipped away
never to be reattached, by the sharp shears
of that old bilaghaana time

she wiped static off her thinning mane, streaked white
an american indian woman enjoying indian summer
she relished the lick of teen clothing draped over
her abnormally thin, almost anorexic flesh
--size 0, it made her better, not stupid, absolved her
of sins, woman on the downward slope.


hadjare said...

Is this what I think it is?

zoey said...

Yes. It's part of the Navajo Barbie series. I fixed the label.