spin class haiku
by t. zoey benally

i survived spin class
conjured mountains, high resist
volunteer torture


velma said...

i'm sorry. i don't know what spin class is?? :(

and, this is probably a real dumb question. what is spin class?

zoey said...

spin class is an addictive exercise activity that involves lots of burning muscles and sweat. :)

in spin class you ride a bike that goes no where and pretend to climb Buffalo Pass and other insanely steep mountian roads.

i really enjoyed spin class, but this last time that i went i found that they had moved the class into the psitticosis room. there was pigeon crap on the floor, walls and window ledges, there were pigeon feathers churned up from the whirling wheels and spinning legs, there was nest material strew about on the floor, and in my peripheral vision through the solid plexiglass i could see pigeons sail in and land on the building corner. i looked up to see if there was any ventilation, but there was none. we were entombed in a cement block box with pigeon feathers and dried droppings. within a few minutes i found myself holding my breath. i couldn't get myself to breathe. i jumped off the bike and walked into the next room which was markedly cooler--this made me just a touch more angst-y. sadly, i'm not going back. i can't hold my breath through spin class--i'll pass out! i really enjoyed it though. i highly recommend spin class. z