never ending cycle
by t. zoEy benally

i used to actually care about stains, mess
chaos in general would bother me
but since the beginning of my time
i have found ways to limit the whirlwinds
of madness that i personally create

it amazes me how quickly the books
crawl out of their rows and onto
the heads of other books
a virtual mosh pit of reading
churning in rectangle stacks

i find it amazing how my very own
socks embark on adventures
to places unknown beneath
my children's bunkbed, flattened
to a linty, dusty cotton spot

about a decade back, i found myself
literally, the sole soldier at war
with calamity, fighting back
turmoil on a daily basis, husband,
children all considered the enemy

so i put down my weapons and said,
"i will fight no more forever."
and today, my house is messy
but i don't care, if they don't care
who am i kidding--martha stewart
will never visit me anyway!


OrcaPhyll said...

my house is a complete and utter mess right now. I just want to keep reading your poetry. I need a good rest. Then we'll tidy. No Martha visits for me either. Thanks for recording so many great poems and words here.

chris said...

im coming to visit

OrcaPhyll said...

My house is actually clean today. I'm sure no on will visit.
Come visit!