oneword: sage
by t. zoEy benally

i must run slow like a cow
thick hooves clomp river rocks
slow legs support a huge slab o' beef
slide slowly through sagebrush and tumbleweeds
slow red cow runner attracts horse flies
with their bayonette proboscis
sticky starved tongue
to lap up blood pooled
on the back of my lumbering cow leg.


Anonymous said...

4 MPH cow ...


guile said...

:).. for some reason, i'm thinking of a purple cow when i read this..

zoey said...

hahaha. i was out running and WHILE i was running, a sand fly landed on the back of my leg and sliced my skin open. insects with the bayonette proboscic usually feast on SLOW MOVING creatures like cows... i was offended that this deer fly chose me so i smashed it!

zoey said...

oops. not sand fly--DEER fly!