no wonder brother
by t. zoEy benally

no wonder i noticed
clouds, sky, geese arrows
tree branch brain storm
reflected in puddles this morning
fine silt layer settled
small jewels, cradled by mud

no wonder car lights sparkled
roadside gutters, mini canals
concrete water brightened
sunlight bent by droplets
shifted from morning white
to going home evening orange

no wonder she still loves you
despite the selfish monster
that trails you, runs it's claw
over indentations your shoes
leave in earth softened by snow melt
that jingles with stolen treasure hoard

i wonder if you'll remember brother
the tomorrows that lurk beyond
today's dark dome, realities that
tumble toward us, propel us forward
be strong, never succumb to demon fingers
prying your brain apart, grey pomegranate

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