just when i got my thoughts in order
by t. zoey benally

just when i got my thoughts in order
he hopped up next to me on the sidewalk
clothes damp from mist spit from tire treads
he walked next to me, kinda like the clown
during the Shiprock Fair Parade
that sped walked next to me
on my way to work, scrutinize burritos
assess the predicament of mutton stew
his hair bounced up and down crazily
"you scared me!" i said to him
he grinned and continued to keep pace
i looked at him and smiled at his antics
"i know you!" he said. "high school!"
"what's your name?" i asked
he told me his first, i finished with his last
i remembered light brown hair
girls fist fighting in the bathroom
so they could "go with him"
he didn't emit alcohol vapors
from his mouth back then, his light brown
eyes weren't circled bruise blue
he asked "what was your name?"
i offered my first, he finished with my maiden
i offered him pinon nuts, he asked
what i was listening to--tori amos--who?
he stopped, grinned & said, "what color is it?"
"pink." "let me see." i pulled off my hat
he laughed, put his hands in my hair
and ruffled it, scattering all the thoughts
messing all the organization recently created

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