PAD Chapbook Day 9


They are all there
even though logically they cannot afford the airfare

My day with them switches from one YouTube video to the next
Different camera angles and lighting make little sense

There are subliminal messages imbedded in my dreams
The government might have outlawed them in 1958
but my dreams still have them

Frightning flashes
Thunderbolts of things that I need to know for the next exam
My eyes try to focus and register
Try to burn them into my brain
Grasp hold, make sense, and test myself on these virtual things
I imagine that I see patterns
And maybe my brain secretly does
but the waking me is oblivious to them...

I try to hold myself under the dark waters of sleep
Sometimes it is easy because I dive into thick oceans
Most times it's impossible to remain cocooned in puddles
I wake up confused, disturbed and alone with insomnia...

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