my little pony
by t. zoEy benally

my little pony has a one trick mind
gobbles down my ideas and calls them pony's own
my little pony's borrowed ideas cascade plastic pastel
twirl enticingly down pretend pony purple cheek

my little pony has a single cell mind
regurgitates key phrases, memorized mantras
furiously scribbles notes to remind pony brain
of all the cool things to think

my little pony has unified my minions
organized them into one non-thinking blob
taught them obedience, learn them
not to creatively ponder

my little one trick pony will one day
take over the world and lead the lemming mass
marching unified, mezmerized over canyon ledges
cloned images of me

1 comment:

hadjare said...

I like it! It's an aspect ... I wasn't expecting which makes it all the more better.