today eye had lunch at Rez Rock Cafe
eye had the only thing on the menu
that eye can eat there--tuna salad sandwich
it used to be better, but it got lame...
eye need to walk another 2K steps before midnight
eye rode my bike home in the rain
eye enjoyed it, except for the bridge
the New Mexico state guys are doing repairs
eye got nervous, but fortunately no one ran me over
by the way... that is my eye!


Nate Cowlishaw said...

That was pretty funny! :)

guile said...

it kinda reminds me of the character mike wakowki in the movie monsters, inc :)..

Anonymous said...

Contact lens on that eye 'eh ?

Nice clear sclera, no signs of that nasty ol' pink eye or illegal substance abuse there.

That bridge must be hard on the bike tires ...

me said...

eye like your eye!

OthelloBloke said...

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