was blind, but now i see...
by t. zoEy benally

you follow in the footsteps of Santa
lumber calmly down moonlit path, away,
dew coated pebbles bounce reflected sunlight,
sent on your way because i no longer
believe in you.

your fairy dust sparkles continue
to fade, plastic coat scuffed, scratched
dim the amount of glitter that ricochets
energy three hundred thousand
kilometers per second because you
cannot deliver.

i believed you when i was young
believed that things would be better
that we would make a difference,
go places, make changes, have fun
i believed and followed with blind eyes
wide, hands and wallet open.

but now the thick crust i thought
was love has peeled from my eyes,
dessicated bacteria and white blood cells
suspended in plasma, shriveled red blood
cells, congregated on vitamin K lattice work
and i see what was really going on.


Anonymous said...

Nice poem, hope it's not too near to reality though ...

Anonymous said...

Cool, anonymous comments are working on this ISP.
That was TMWNN above...

Coyote crossed my path today
but he was struck down by the Viper running ahead of me.
Then casually flung down in front of the Jaguar that finished him off.

Those old superstitions don't have much power
in this modern world of steel and wind resistance.
But there's black clouds up ahead
and predators prowl the road.

Anonymous said...

Really good poetry since 2/15.

I hope the muse isn't extracting too high a price.