by t. zoEy benally

i just carried a box full of records
2 miles from the post office
home in the rain, semis throwing
small chunks of mud at me

i watched my significant other zip past
one mile from home, and i knew
deep in the aching muscles
of my shoulders, forearms, biceps
tired hand tendons, no relief
that i am no more obvious to him
than a mangy stray dog
and these are HIS records!

and before that, i exchanged emails
with an instructor that scheduled
the same day we are performing
at Sparrows Poetry Festival
despite my having informed him,
links included, several weeks before

i can see the wimpy dominoes
crashing into each other in a massive
tsunami that will wash all my work
towards graduating in May
down towards life's floor drain
where it will swirl, gathering
lost pubic hairs, dried snot
and swallow down crusted pipes
i will lose elective credits
my University of Michigan biostatistics
credits will expire, and i will end up
driving back and forth to ABQ
to retake these units, increasing
my risk of being taken out
by a glaanii, speeder
or sleepy person
on NM 550...

...and i type this trying to beat the clock
trying to slip under the wire
of the scheduled blogger outage
at 4PM PST!


Anonymous said...

I've got a ring that has T BENALLY inscribed in it. It's got a green stone. I googled the name and this came up so I was wondering if by any chance it could have been yours or maybe somebody you know. It's a long shot. If you wanna reach me my email is skillitvw@hotmail.com. Alright, thanks.

velma said...

oh man... zoey.

i checked out the sparrows link you posted. and, am very interested in attending. good luck with graduation! lemme know how it all goes.


zoey said...

hey Velma. you should come to Sparrows!
i found a news-mag that has some of your pieces in it & some of Garrett's art. pretty kewl! good job!