Things I Learned Last Week

Yesterday slipped into the--last week box
for me once my eyes shut
and consciousness was covered by
the thick down comforter of sleep

Yesterday I learned that the road
from Burnham to Huerfano forks
into paved N5 and an anonymous,
but signed--graded generous dirt road

Tuesday I learned that water drips
from ceilings in all towns
no matter what the LAT/LONG
I expect to discover that
George Bush puts buckets under drips
and has to dump 5 gallons of rain
filtered through ceiling and insulation
onto expensive manicured lawns

Monday I learned that Big Foot
left muddy prints in my yard
Yeti broke boobie-traps I set
for him/her
Sasquatch is not disturbed by fishing
line and aluminum cans

Sunday was a standard learning day
filled with heart muscles, blood
vessels, and circulation facts
Arteries carry away from heart
Veins bring to heart
I expect exes travel arteries
and everyone else traverses veins

Saturday I learned that dryers
can be abandoned almost instantaneously
at laundromats, and not all hope
is lost if the parking lot is full
with vehicles of slackers
washing filthy clothes together.

Thanks to Kimberlie W. for the inspiration for this.

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