i watch you with blood shot eyes
by t. zoEy benally

i watch you with blood shot eyes
left leg folded over right, a large "P"
quietly read the Japanese movie on television
remote uncharacteristically discarded
it must be a good movie

my red eyes purvey the dishes, dirty rice
steamer, piled on the table, lunch stink
sesame seed and peanut oil, sea salt
frightful mexican hot sause
all waiting to be lead away

i can finally tolerate the internet, sunlight
with my sparkly, voodoo, zombie eyes
stained crimson by a "bad migraine" (doctor's words)
or maybe viral meningitis (my idea), no, not self-diagnosing
not a hypochondriac, or dressing above my station
just comparing lists of facts, but who am i to say
that i'm not just having a 7-day migraine?

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