pink eye revolution
by t. zoEy benally

deadly pink eye, i knew it was bad when she put on gloves
normally i watch to see if the docs even pause at the sink and soap
ignored, yellow sign placed at doc eye-level, wash your hands

yesterday it started, but i trace it's origins back to saturday
putting too much of me into the dead dog poem in Telluride
small itch progressed to burning redness, and flood of puss

it would be easy to start a pink eye outbreak, be the point source
a fondled dollar, imbued with gooby eye bacteria, spent here, there
hands contaminated with simpler organisms, bent on survival

pink eye bacteria, smeared on all the P.O. Boxes, counters
shaken onto hands, smeared onto doorknobs, handles, tools
don't touch your eyes! wash your hands! pink eye was here...

today a glob of medication is smeared into pink eye, and fellow eye
the alien beings slowly release their tentacles from my sclera, rhymes with
Sara, Tara, bo-Bear-a, banana-fana, fo-Farrah fee-fi-Mo-Mara, sclera

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