uncomfortable peanuts
by t. zoEy benally

squeeze my foot to the right
press it as close to the side as possible
force some room so that there will be room
for the pebble to slide inside my shoe
to an unfurnished area, unoccupied by cells
it merely rattles, jangling back & forth
then snuggles into another tight place
imposes on another patch of skin

poked though my sock cuff, catching a ride
doing the job, but i am still annoyed
knit purposely loose to stretch around
odd ankle bones protruding delicately
only as a bone corner can do
it finely crafted point, genetically honed
scratch, furrow plowed in my first skin layer
seed tip reaching capillary beds
unfertilized, inactivated by dead end host blood

don't rub your eye
lacrimal flow washes arroyos clean
the way she says my name, wrong
glommed letterers fall continually
down that final stair flight
but what can you do?
unless you accept
permanent safety goggle marks
circling your eyes everyday

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