potential wealth
by t. zoEy benally

untapped energy covalent double bonded
into rez rides shelters mice; vermin solace
diverts metal & paint flaked water to weed roots
overflows eye wells, cascades over normally smile hills

roller coaster apex, inhalation held, still a little oxygen left don’t let it go
nose back closed, on pause until CO2 wind rolls through pipes
yellowed “olds” paper stacks, untangled & wound
flour sack string balls await needles

shoes & pants too big, linger, potential room
for potential days when feet are bigger, legs are longer
oo joo ba’i, poor untapped potential wealth
mangy three legged dog with one ear flopped over

washed plastic sandwich baggies clouded, air drying
trailer covered hills, plywood window black chimney poked through
uncles, grandmothers & brothers held hostage
by corneas, lenses that unfailingly identify untapped wealth

what if... today... this potential wealth converted
balance restored between creation and degradation
deep lungful of air—released—exhaled
Wavoka’s vision realized, distorted world infinitely rolled

potential wealth is all that keeps
this door between us
from slamming
in your face

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