reality outside your reality
by t. zoEy benally

today a can
label pulled off
shiny tin ribs run halo to halo
mysterious cylinder fallen from
Lazy Susan’s shoulders
rolled to a far corner

i exist outside your reality, dimension
forced to concern myself
with cobweb structure
applaud ominous suspension bridges
spider engineered
urge insect prey to stick around

silvery tin conceals
japanese gardens guarded by superstition
koi swim, feather fins
fan music made by tickled rocks
my seams intact, there will be
no nibbles to mandarin whorls
tender smiles remain untouched

tomorrow a shower curtain,
a lamp, then tomorrow’s tomorrow
will incarnate me as the tv remote
then maybe a book referenced once
back on the shelf, then cool sheets
warmed 98.6 degrees F

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