baby's day
by t. zoEy benally

it was time for a visit
they wanted her to visit
so i took the day,
spent the day with baby

we walked along the river banks
under cottonwood, beside chil chin berries
she was quickly lulled to sleep
by water rush & sun dapples

butterflies & moths welcomed us
they soon spread the word
hop flights took the message
forward to those wondering
about this special child

sunlight glinted off crinkled saran wrap
covered dark brown gravy river
thanksgiving leftovers wildly flow

fish slipped silently beneath
thick water, watched baby pass
slick beaver matched our pace
paddled close to hear her even breath

duck & geese ventured close
swam against currents
some dared to fly onto the path
to watch, first with right eye,
then with left, baby nap late in the day

spiders hung from webs threaded through brush
eye & leg octets noted baby's growth & progress
dragonflies, bumblebees & wasps
buzz, hover & we pass

speedy hummingbirds zoom
hearts & wings race, love quickly
red robins flit slower, tree to tree
scoop up crumbs from baby's sweet dreams

fat squirrels sling their tails
fuzzy boa arced over their backs
shiny prairie dogs wait, wait until
we are upon them, then squeek down burrows

two tall lithe deer look up from meadow graze
green fiber between their teeth
they chew thoughtfully & watch
sleeping baby pass

trees applaud at the conclusion of
baby's visit, they've all brought
peaceful thoughts to nourish baby's
bouquet dream & to send blessings
may she visit again soon.

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