welcome back, we’ve missed you!
by t. zoEy benally

lanky stands of last summer’s grass
languorously lean with their elbows
balanced on imaginary bars and counter tops
itch to recount tales, chronicles sung
occurrences transpired
since my last visit to these parts

juice story morsels, drip golden honey
tumble from smorgasbord platters overfilled
mad rush to be the first to spill
fill my ears with narratives
first hand accounts of actual sightings

furious fingers loop & cast yarns deftly
knit & purl events till a cozy information scarf
snakes forth from the grass

they crowd the path, tall, thin, yellow
occasionally tug at my pants
“don’t forget to tell her…”
“remember the time…”
chatter & jabber pile
until all i hear is a continuous hiss
which follows me the entire journey & back

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