no plans on coming back
by t. zoEy benally

every stride takes me further away
gravel catches on the toe of my shoe
rolls helplessly under sneaker tread
flying forward, thrown back
small crashes and crunches can be heard
by drooling dogs for miles around

though i retrace my steps, i am doubling distance between us
on hard sand i leave only a dim shadow
faint whisper that i had passed through
deep sand gently cradles the wedge left by my toes
dreamily let go with air currents
evidence released for crow interpretation

i never look back, because i know you will not follow
climb hills, run down valleys
skirt shattered beer bottles
fractured brown glass planes reach up for some change
sneak up on unsuspecting prairie dogs
they whirl around and hurl themselves down their burrows
inefficient past, educe a stronger future

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