darning socks
by t. zoEy benally

many items can be mended
welded back together
provided there exists
sufficient technology, tenacity
and a lemon drop twist of luck

rejoining a soul
bridge between supernatural & mortal
fuses sharp fractures, rock CRACKS
belts that bond rock molecules dangle
tangle in the wind
NO—not mere superglue
to keep time continuance only adjacent
but actual earth diamond creation forces
to recapture this millisecond
at this longitude, latitude, elevation
triangulated instant in time are required

other processes are simpler
water remixes readily
gregarious energy spins
grease the iron skillets of sundry interactions
interpretations of relationships

reconnection of two halves
of a heart is never quite as successful
difference being the profusion of mini-universes
solar system circles overlapping
thought droplets of water waves lap out
heat applied would fry all organisms

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