drowning in potential wealth
by t. zoEy benally

he has some really good qualities
he sits staring at the tv chewing, plate of potato salad
cold chicken & bread slice perched on his belly
under the right circumstances...

this City Market plastic bag is still good
she rolls it into 5ths, carefully tucking ends in
not wet with hamburger blood, no holes clawed
if i ever need a plastic bag i will think of this one...

these cars are really valuable, i'm lucky i found one
the frame is not bent, the chairs are pretty good
all it needs is a new transmission, engine and tires
one of these days i'll get some time....

these pants only have one hole in the knee
if we patched them, maybe your sister could wear them
we could give them to some poor family
they might like to patch them...

keep that can of bathroom cleaner
put it next to that can of hairspray
all they are missing is the nozzle
we can use the nozzle from another can...

you might need these instruction one day
put it in that pile over there, careful so it doesn't fall
these letters are important too
somebody might ask...

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