need a ride
by t. zoEy benally

hitchhiking is a lot like clubbing
take only bare essentials
picture i.d. is good, but
for morbid reasons not mentioned

water, comfortable shoes
shirt & pants that you can run in
billowy skirts only catch wind
high heels will sink into soft shoulders

at first you might be embarrassed
remember what you've said about hitchhikers
equating them with bums & hippies
just get that thumb out there

it never happens immediately
cars, trucks, motorcycles, semis
will pass, many times too full
often only one person burning all that fuel

keep going, listen, listen for rubber on asphalt
smile, let them see their potential passenger
aim for humble, but not too skuzzy
i too have left potential psychopaths

admire the roadside
if you're not a regular
you might never see
the road from this perspective again

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